Did You Know That Even Flowers Care for You?

Flowers are good way to enhance the beauty of your homes. It makes your home look more beautiful than usual. Flowers are even used as a gift. Nothing can impress your loved ones more than a bouquet full of flowers.

Apart from using flowers as a present or for decorating your home, flowers can also be used as for medicinal purposes. According to researchers, a lot flowers show different medicinal properties. In that way, flowers not only beautifies your home, or makes someone feel special but also care about you.

A single flower contains tons of health benefits. Before using a flower for a purpose you should know which one would be the best for it. Here’s a list of flowers with the specific benefits stored in them:

1. RosesRoses

Roses are one of the most widely used flower across the globe. Roses are easily available in the market. Talking about the health benefits of roses, roses are rich in vitamins and have antioxidants properties. They are a good antidepressant and are also effective against heart problems. Not only this, rose water is a widely used treatment for skin problems.

2. Jasmine

Jasmine are known as Chameli in Hindi language. It has a pleasant smell and is used in incense sticks. Jasmine has anti-bacterial properties. It is known to relive stress. It cures many health diseases like fever, ear problems, oral disorders, etc.

3. Lavender

Apart from having a very beautiful smell, lavender is known for treating pain related issues. Lavender oil can let your pain go away in a very short period of time. Lavender is also known for it’s skin benefits. It is used as a treatment of acne and scars. It has ability to improve the texture and complexion of your skin.

4. LilyLily

Lily flower are used since ancient times for the treatment of heart problems. Lily are used for treating fevers, intestinal issues and conjunctivitis. It contains essential oils which are used to treat speech loss and paralysis. Lily is also good for treating swelling and leprosy.

5. Carnation

A cup of carnation tea can relieve you from nausea. Carnation is a very good anti-depressant. It relieves stress, pain and anxiety. Carnation are also known to treat pre-menstrual syndromes. Carnation oil have medicinal benefits. It is used for treating skin problems like rashes and acne.

6. Chamomile

Chamomile is known to relive stomach cramps and headache. It cures skin problems, menstrual disorders, etc. Chamomile tea promotes sleep and cures insomnia. Chamomile lightens the skin tone and reduces scars. Chamomile treats cold and also boosts immunity.

7. Evening primrose

Evening primrose has a lot of skin benefits. It has a property of balancing hormones. Evening primrose oil helps in making the skin smooth and fresh. It rejuvenates the skin and adds glow to it. Skin problems like acne, scars, wrinkles and fine lines can be cured with the help of evening primrose.

8. Viola

Viola has nutritional properties. It is rich in vitamins, iron and calcium. Cough and asthma can be cured by viola. It is diuretic and thus helps in reducing excess of water from our body.

9. Lotus

Lotus is a very beautiful flower. Lotus is known to improve blood circulation. It reduces stress and improves digestion. Lotus is rich in vitamins and minerals. It helps in boosting the immune system.

10. Safflower

Safflower is used to cure blood clots. It is also known to relieve pain like joint pain and menstrual pain. It has a lot of skin care and health care benefits. It promotes hair growth and improves the health of the skin. It is also known to prevent diabetes.

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