How To Make Your Bouquet Fresh For Longer Time

A bouquet of flowers is not just some flowers tied together but are emotions tied and expressed together. A nosegay has the power to bring a smile on a glooming face. In the world of ever- growing air pollution, it soothes the mind of the person and freshens up the mood. It acts as a pleasant gift of love and happiness. It gives a slight touch of nature to your house. Whether you’ve received an anniversary arrangement it is that gorgeous bunch of flower you or your wife held as a bride during your wedding ceremony…you shall always want that it stays with you forever as a sovereign of your most beautiful memory. However before long, they start to wilt and die.


There are some steps you can follow so as to keep your lovely bouquet lively and fresh. These are some tips you can follow than spending bucks on buying chemicals etc.

Follow These To Make The Bouquet Last Longer

  • Start early. If you wish to make your bouquet live longer, you better start early and start saving it before it is irreversible. Remember, prevention is better than cure. The earliest, the better.

  • Add warm water to a clean vase. Before putting the bouquet into the vase remove any leaves that will fall below the waterline.

  • Then using a garden scissors, trim the stems from bottom. It is because as human wounds heal by themselves the plants try to heal the cut and freshly bought flowers from botanist thus do not have a stem that is fresh which reduces its capacity to absorb water and nutrients. Trimming of stems allows the plant to absorb water and will help to keep them fresh for long.

The cut must be appropriate. A perfect cut means increasing the lifespan of flower up to 32 percent. If stems are cut underwater it would prevent formation of air bubbles which in turn will help the flowers to absorb more moisture.

  • Make sure you change water in the vase daily. Also adding a copper coin in the vase will help, since copper’s acidic property inhibits growth of bacteria.

  • Plants require some energy for their survival. This energy can be provided in the form of table sugar dissolved in water. However adding sugar can lead to development of bacteria, thus one must add equal amount of white vinegar in addition to sugar. This shall work as a substitute to flower food.

  • Refrigerating the blooms can be one of the ways to make them last longer. All you need to do is to place the bouquet in a vase filled with fresh water and keep it in refrigerator over-night. This will make the nosegay cool and also will inhibit bacterial growth.

  • Do ensure that you keep your bouquet away from direct rays of sunlight for it causes the flower to bloom quickly and thus will decrease their lifespan. Keep them in a cool and draft-free area. Also changes in temperature such as intermittent cold air from windows can have adverse effects on flower’s life.

  • Always keep your bouquet away from sunlight. Sunlight will only wither it more.

  • If possible, ask the seller regarding methods of keeping those particular bunch of flowers fresh, to keep them fresh longer.

  • Sometimes, the age old method of merely sprinkling water on the flowers is enough.

  • Never go for high concentrated chemical solutions. They might harm the flower more than the natural methods, which may ultimately lead your flower die an unnatural death. We don’t want that!

  • Do not manhandle a bouquet. It’s delicate after all! It is meant to be treated as a luxury, and as a sign of all the fragility in the world.

  • Storage conditions– although we understand that a bouquet isn’t a sapling, it is important to keep in mind that an open wound heals poor in a poor environment. On a safer note, try keeping the bouquet in a cool, yet warm conditions

  • Go green. Why not turn your bouquet into beautiful plant that reminds you of your special occasion or that special person? All you have to do is take appropriate steps to turn it into a sapling. And there behold! It shall stay with you forever. Vegetative propagation is the name for it. Some plants like roses can be grown with its stem.

Thus rejoice your long-lasting bouquet.

Go on and prevent your gift from being defeated by the ravages of time. Take care of it and maintain it in its absolute pristine form so that the memento of your lovely memories stays preserved for long!

Now that you know the tips to keep your bouquet fresh and bloomy you can now implement these tips to keep your exotic floral arrangements fresh for loner time. If you are looking for fresh flowers delivered at your doorsteps at economical prices then place your order online and get same day flower delivery in Valley Glen California.

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