The Meaning Behind Our Favorite Floral Phrases And Sayings

Phrases allow an individual to communicate in a better way. Mostly, everyone, you meet use phrases. Phrases always come to the mind when you are in the middle of a communication. When it comes to phrases, floral phrases are the favorite of most of the people. They are beautiful just like the beauty of a flower. Sometimes you know phrases but you don’t know what it means. This lack of knowledge stops you from using the phrase. Before using a phrase you must know it’s exact meaning.

To let you know about different phrases, here’s a list of floral phrases below. The list contains all the famous floral phrases you have heard with the meaning associated with it. So without wasting your more time, let get started.


Meaning Behind Our Favorite Floral Phrases And Sayings:

1. Ups-a-Daisy

The phrase was mostly used in the year 1800. This phrase is also used as “upsy daisy”. The phrase is used to encourage the kids who had fallen and to let them get up again.

2. Stop and smell the roses

This phrase is very commonly used. “Stop and smell the roses” means to enjoy the small things in your life by taking out time from your busy schedule. Since people forget to live their life in their hectic schedules, this phrase is a reminder for them to take out a minute to see the beauty life has.

3. Nip it in the bud

It you’re into a lot of smoking or drinking it’s time to “nip it in the bud”. Just like we remove a bud to prevent the growth of a fruit or flower, we should remove bad habits from our life in order to avoid any chance for its further growth.

4. Every Rose has its Thorns

It was a phrase written by a famous band named Poison in the year 1988. This phrase is a bitter truth of real life. It means that nobody is perfect, even after they pretend to be. Like every rose has a thorn, every human has different flaws.

5. Fresh as a daisy

It is a phrase related to energy. Just like a daisy flower, a person should be fresh all the time. Be “fresh as a daisy” means to stay healthy, enthusiastic and full of energy. When a person says that you seem to be as fresh as a daisy all the time, they mean that you are never tired.

6. Coming up roses

You might be having a bad phase in your life but don’t worry everything is “coming up roses”. This phrase means that a bad phase doesn’t last long. No matter how hard times you’re going through, you will have your days shining just like a star.

7. Pushing daisies

It became popular after the poem, A Terre. The phrase “pushing daisies” refers to someone who had passed away. It can be used as – I might be “pushing up daisies” if this problem lasts long.

8. Laid up in lavender

My grandmother used to keep jewelry “laid up in lavender”. The phrase means to keep something preserved for the future.

9. Primrose path

Primrose path refers to an easy going life. If someone is in their “primrose path”, then it means that there is a life full of pleasure. Down the primrose path means to let someone get out of their hard situation. It can be done by making them think that their life is a lot easier than they think.

10. Rose-colored glasses

This means that you should live your life full of hopes. Life is difficult but you should never quit. You should see your life in a better way always.

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