What Do The Different Colors of Lily Mean?

Lily known for its pleasant fragrance and beautiful look is more than just a flower. It has different meanings in different cultures. People generally use it for traditional purposes. Lily does not possess heavy fragrance like rose and other flowers, but it has a very light aroma which is mind soothing and long lasting.

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There are different kinds of lilies present all across the world, signifying different meaning, but in general there are 5 kinds of lilies. They all are different from one another. Each has significance of its own. They are:

Red Lilies:

Red color has always been an attention seeker. Putting them in vase in your drawing room will definitely draw everyone’s attention but they are more than that. Red lilies signify love and zeal. You can give these beautiful flowers to your loved ones and close friends. Vibrating red color with black texture makes them very attractive. Anyone can be persuaded with their decent fragrance and charm.

White Lilies:

Walking in a flower shop, there you see dozens of flower varieties, but a white lily will definitely be there on your bill. White petals with black spots and brown stigma can attract anyone. Like the white color itself, white lilies represent modesty and purity. They represent your devotion towards the following person. White lilies signify tribute. You can gift them to your higher ones especially at work. You can put them in your dining room or in bedroom. Their light color and calm presence will maintain peace in your home.

Orange Lilies:

Orange color is everyone’s favorite. Orange lilies are bit different than other lilies. Orange petals with a whitish line along the whole petal make them more attracting. Orange lilies, a great combination of red and white, signify honor and respect. They are perfect for your drawing room and can a good choice to gift at honor ceremonies and offering to someone who is higher than you.

Pink lilies:

Pink color has some magical charm which attracts everyone, especially girls, so are the pink lilies. They are given to someone you adore or you are attracted to. By gifting pink lilies to a person you can silently convey your feelings. These lilies are so beautiful and attractive that anyone receiving these lilies can’t easily resist your feelings towards them. Pink lilies make a very good gift to be given on your first date or to your crush. These flowers represent gentleness and romantic love. If you are looking for love then these lilies are for you.

Yellow lilies:

Yellow is a bright and vibrant color. Just looking at this color makes everyone happy! If you are feeling low just pick some yellow lilies that will make you cheerful. This makes you look both cheery and youthful. Gift these yellow lilies to someone who is having a bad mood or feels depression that will make them feel lively because of the inspiring quality of this color. These flowers have some amazing positive energy. Decorate your home with these lilies to generate a positive aura in your home. Yellow lilies inspire you to be creative and confident, making you cheerful and generating fresh ideas.

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